If your knees hurt, try this.

Knee pain is a very common complaint, and unfortunately most of the treatment options are very nearsighted.

Most with chronic knee pain try the route of injections and pain medication, unsuccessfully;  then they are told that they have arthritis, as if that’s some kind of final explanation, usually implying that there is no hope to improve without surgery

The knees, while simple in their structure; are difficult if not impossible to harmonize with if one has no idea of what efficient body mechanics are and how the structure repairs and maintains itself.

More times than not, the sight of your pain, is not where the cause of your pain is, harmonizing with your knee should include addressing the core, hip and ankle joint.

Arthritis, in any joint, is merely a symptom of acidic blood and/or faulty body mechanics over time. If there was no trauma, was “arthritis” alone  the cause of pain?  Then ask yourself why every single 80 year old does not complain of pain in all of their joints? Or if you want to chalk your pain up to “old age”; then what about all of your other joints that don’t hurt; are those somehow younger than the painful one?

I’m of the mind that conscious healing results from a simultaneous comprehension of the soma as a whole entity – externally (physically), energetically (thoughts, feelings and practices) and internally (organ function).

Cultivating body wisdom encourages self-reliance, which demands at the very least, that you try new things and move into new territories which most times includes a degree of therapeutic discomfort.

So here’s the deal, it’s going to hurt no matter what you do.

– if you do nothing, the pain will continue and probably become worse;

whereas if you do something, although you will experience some therapeutic discomfort, eventually you will regain your movement.

The very first thing you need to do is to get into a practice of soaking your feet, in fact you probably should figure out a way to incorporate regular soaking  (baths count as soaks too) into your day, at least until the pain subsides.


  1. Epsom Salts
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Castor oil
  4. Arnica
  5. White Flower oil

the base combination for the foot bath is 2 cups Epsom salts 8 ounces hydrogen peroxide

Soak your feet for at least 45 minutes

at night – do a castor oil pack on your knees, ankles and at the Inguinal Fold

if blood has collected in the foot, ankle, and/or calves rub in arnica oil a few times a day

when the pain throbs use White Flower oil on the affected area

if the pain is a dull ache, use Red Flower oil

Ping On ointment will work in either

Here are a few tips for your bath; – The water should sit for at least half an hour so that the chlorine dissipates; draw the water hot and let it cool till it suits you.

– the body goes through two phases; a purging phase when the water temperature is above the body’s temperature, and a sort of absorption phase when the water is at the body’s temperature or below.

– When taking a bath use at least 6 pounds of epsom salts

– If you’re feeling achy add aspirin (not Advil, not Tylenol…aspirin) start off with 20 or 30; – I use about 50.

– If you’re feeling tired or blue use hydrogen peroxide (H2o2) start off with 8 ounces and increase till it suits you – I use about 64 ounces.

excerpt from UltimateMasterpiece.CLUB – “Harmonizing with your knees”

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